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  net users getting younger


  there's an increasing trend for chinese children to go online at younger ages. some children use social media at the age of 3, go online shopping at 7, and surpass their parents level of internet skills by the age of 14, according to a survey released at the guangdong internet security for children forum. like their adult counterparts, children engage in a diverse number of online activities, including entertainment, purchasing, and publishing information. among the 7-year-old children surveyed, over 60% of them have downloaded games, videos or music on their own; 8.5% of them have shopped online; around 15% of them have posted pictures, videos or words on the internet; and 4.7% of them even claim to have fans. the survey also explored the reasons why children go online. most children said they wanted to be accompanied by their parents rather than play online games. "i'm really into sports, but no one plays with me," said one boy surveyed. "so i can only play with my cellphone at home."




  rules regulate tv pay scale


  the total fees for actors of a tv drama cannot exceed 40% of the total production cost, and the pay for the main actors of tv and internet dramas cannot exceed 70% of shows' total payroll, according to new guidelines published on the website of the china netcasting service association. the guidelines jointly released by five industry associations are aimed at guiding entertainment companies to reasonably manage tv dramas and optimize the distribution of fees for a positive cycle of input and output in the industry. china's rapidly-developing film and tv industry has produced many outstanding works but also has given unreasonably high fees to some actors, which has led to an imbalance in the distribution of income and affected the overall quality of tv series, according to the guidelines. the guidelines said that if total fees for actors of a tv drama exceed the limit, the production company has to inform the related association and explain the reasons.

  按照华夏搜集视听剧目效劳协会网站不日颁布的最新引导看法,电视剧十足伶人的总拍电影电视片的酬金不得胜过创造总本钱的40%,电视剧搜集剧重要伶人的拍电影电视片的酬金不得胜过十足伶人总拍电影电视片的酬金的70%vet币 。这份由5个行业协会共同颁布的看法旨在引导文娱公司有理筹备电视剧、优化用度调配,以激动行业加入和产出的良性轮回。看法称,跟着我国电影和电视行业的赶快兴盛,展示出很多特出大作,但这也使得局部伶人拍电影电视片的酬金高得离谱,引导收入调配比率失衡、感化电视剧完全品质。看法精确,即使电视剧十足伶人的总拍电影电视片的酬金胜过上述控制,创造公司需向关系协会举行存案并证明情景。



  german election


  angela merkel won a fourth term as chancellor in elections on sunday, even as her victory was dimmed by the entry of a far-right party into parliament for the first time in more than 60 years, according to preliminary results.ms. merkel’s coalition partners for the last four years, announced sunday evening that the party would go into opposition, hoping to rebuild their political profile.

  本地功夫9月24日,发端截止表露,安吉拉·默克尔博得普选,第四次出任总理一职vet币 。与此同声,极右翼政党60有年来再次加入议会,给默克尔蝉联蒙住一层暗影。在往日四年中,社民党从来是默克尔政党的盟友,但社民党在24日晚颁布她们将变成阻碍党,蓄意重塑其政事模样。



  wechat changed splash page


  wechat announced that it will be rolling out a new image of earth for its splash page between sept. 25 and 28. this is the first-ever change that the company has made to its launch screen in its six-year history. since the app’s inception in 2011, wechat’s splash page has featured an image of earth called blue marble taken from outer space in 1972 by nasa. the new image is captured by chinese weather satellite feng yun-4a. the change is intended to celebrate the major technological breakthroughs of the fy-4 satellite series-china’s second generation of meteorological satellites.

  微信官方颁布,9月25日-28日功夫,启用页面将沿用新的地球图片vet币 。这是微信6年来初次调换启用页面。自2021年 微信问世此后,其启用页面从来是一张天外实拍的地球像片“蓝色弹珠”,由美利坚合众国国度宇航宇航局于1972年颁布。而此次的新图片则是由华夏的局面卫星“风波四号a星”(下称“风波四号”)拍摄。这一变换是为了祝贺华夏第二代局面卫星“风波四号”博得宏大本领冲破。



  trump expands travel ban


  us president donald trump issued a new travel ban sunday evening to restrict visitors and immigrants from eight countries, including north korea, venezuela and chad, that have "inadequate" vetting procedures. "making america safe is my no 1 priority. we will not admit those into our country we cannot safely vet," trump tweeted sunday in announcing immigration policy. the new proclamation will maintain travel restrictions on iran, libya, somalia, syria and yemen. sudan has been dropped from the list. the travel restrictions on the new countries will kick in on oct 18.



  来自互联网络,由策马翻译培养和训练搜集整治vet币 。






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